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Welcome to Peaceful Rooms Montessori Centre, where we bring peace into children’s lives using the Montessori approach south of Perth.

We offer Montessori programs for infants and children 0-9 years old, and support parents and early childhood educators to bring peace into the lives of children in their care. We also offer a small range of Montessori products.

Why Peace?

Close to twenty years of teaching young children and guiding the adults in their lives, has taught me well that the single most important factor determining a child’s ability to learn and live well, is peace. A peaceful child isn’t burdened with negative feelings or limitations in their environment that hold them back; a peaceful child is free to use their environment to become the person they need to be.

Why Montessori?

Maria Montessori’s approach to education is a guide for educators and parents to prepare themselves and their environments for children to meet their own needs, and to engage their body, soul, and mind in everything they do. Montessori observed that when environments were prepared this way, children developed to their full potential as nature intended.

As I continue to study and practice with the Montessori approach over the years, I am still constantly amazed by how incredibly well Maria Montessori understood the needs of the child. My team and I share simple principles and structures within the Montessori approach to guide adults as they transform their environments and interactions to create peaceful rooms, and in doing so, a peaceful child grows.

x Alana.