Thank you for taking the time to read a little of the story of how we came to be. I am the founder of Peaceful Rooms and education consultant, Alana Holmes.

I am a qualified teacher with around 20 years experience supporting other teachers, families, and teaching children from birth to 12 years old, in a variety of settings including in-home care, child care centres, public schools, special education services, and of course Montessori school, Montessori child care centres, and our very own Montessori Playgroup, Children’s House & Parent & Infant Circle.

After many years of teaching in ‘traditional’ schools and services, I became incredibly frustrated at seeing children everyday, provided with non-personalised, non-developmentally appropriate programs that were wasting children’s time…and well, I didn’t want to be surrounded by it anymore. I fell further and further into using the Montessori approach, and was given the incredible opportunity to teach as I learned the in’s and out’s of the approach. I have never looked back. Honestly, I’ve researched far and wide and nothing else comes even close to this intuitive, comprehensive approach to learning and life.

As the years passed I discovered I had a true passion and skill for understanding how to improve the quality of education and care that adults provide for children. Along with further training and research, I decided to bring these services into the world; connected by the simple but essential concept of creating peace in children’s lives through changing their environment.

My practical, gentle, and empathetic approach allows me to gain insight quickly into the environment a child is experiencing, so that I am able to make suggestions for strategies and principles to apply. I get a huge buzz from inspiring and providing clarity for other parents and educators, and so I just love what I do!

I have developed a team of amazing people with the same passion for the Montessori approach and aptitude for supporting children and adults, to develop a uniquely peaceful Montessori community centre south of Perth.

Alana – Founder, Strategic Development, Montessori Consultant & Educator
Kris – Montessori & Special Needs Educator, Administration & Communication
Anisa – Montessori Educator, Centre Management
Karen – Montessori & Special Needs Educator