Mentoring & Coaching

Montessori coaching and mentoring services are available for parents as well as educators in their early childhood services near Perth, Western Australia (face-to-face), at our Montessori Centre in Byford, and right across Australia (via distance support using phone and email).

We have three Montessori Mentoring Courses at our Peaceful Rooms Montessori Centre:

  • Nurturing Infants (parents & educators of infants from preconception to 18 months) – $115 per participant for 3 weeks
  • Peaceful Environments for Toddlerhood (parents & educators of 18 month-4 year olds) – $115 per participant for 3 weeks
  • Following the Child Through Home Education (guidance & inspiration for homeschooling parents of 5-9 year olds) – $115 per participant for 3 weeks. Please note this is not a Montessori materials training course however explanation and demonstration of key materials is likely, depending on the group’s needs.

Online enrolment & more details will be available on our Montessori Mentoring Courses will be available soon.

I have provided ongoing coaching in early learning services teaching educators how to use Montessori materials and helping them understand principles of the approach, 1-1 mentoring for early childhood teachers, and even delivered information sessions for other Montessori playgroups!

Montessori coaching and mentoring programs are developed flexibly to meet the needs of individuals or to meet service development goals, and can range from single consultations, to weekly guidance for a fixed period, or ongoing support throughout the year. I may even already have an information session developed which is just right for you, just ask!

For families I provide other special services. During home consultations I problem solve with parents and provide tailored advice and strategies to help families create peaceful environments and interactions that support their child’s development at home.

Please contact us to register your interest or for more information on mentoring and coaching services.