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Unfortunately we are temporarily without a premises following some very unexpected circumstances and will be returning to our programs and services as soon as we possibly can. Please join our mailing list to keep abreast of all updates and to be in the first to know when and where our services resume again.

Peaceful Rooms Montessori Centre offers a variety of Montessori programs to support parents in their parenting journey, and to guide children to develop in body, mind and soul.

Our Parent & Infant Circle provides the greatest support and information for parents, in a nurturing space for our littlest ones. Montessori Playgroup creates a community for like-minded parents to take time out of the busy-ness of life to play with and allow their child to explore and interact with peers. The Children’s House offers an excellent quality educational program for children who are ready for some independence and to form relationships with teachers, without needing to enter institutionalised services like schools and child care centres.

Enrolment is accepted online per child, at the same time that payment is made. These core programs are offered with a 10 week term, with 2019 dates as follows:

  • Term 1: 4 February – 12 April
  • Term 2: 29 April – 5 July
  • Term 3: 22 July – 27 September
  • Term 4: 14 October – 20 December

Please be aware that term in advance and PAYG enrolment options close one week prior to commencement of term. Casual enrolment will remain open as long as there are places available.

Parent & Infant Circle (birth – walking infants) – 9:30-10:30am Fridays

We have created a cosy room especially for our new parents and their infants to connect together and explore Montessori infant materials safely, with other new like-minded parents who value peaceful and gentle parenting.

Our Montessori Guide will support parents with information and ideas to aid infant development using the Montessori approach.

We know having a new baby brings many challenges (not the least of them is sleep deprivation!) including those financial, so we offer this program as affordably as possible because we believe it is so vital, with two fee options:

The numbers of families we can accept into the Parent & Infant program is very limited due to the size of our space and our commitment to a peaceful environment for our families. Please enrol early to secure a place if possible.

Montessori Playgroup (6 months – 4 years) – 9:30-11:30am Thursdays

Parents join their children playing intentionally within a community of like-minded families.

During the sessions parents and our Montessori Playgroup Guide support the children to explore the materials and experiences we have prepared to support develop motor (movement), language, practical life (care of self and the environment), cognitive (thinking), and social-emotional skills. Children engage at their own pace, while their parents enjoy a cuppa and can discuss child development with our Montessori Playgroup Guide.

This program is great to join with the whole family as we cater for children from infancy up to 4 years old. Infants under 6 months old attending Montessori Playgroup with a fee paying sibling will not be charged. Older siblings are eligible for 35% reduction of fees for this program when enrolling annually or PAYG fortnightly (sorry this does not apply to casual enrolments). Please contact Alana after enrolling your first child, to receive the discount code for siblings.

Children’s House (2 – 6 years) – 9-1pm / 1-3pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 

Our Montessori Children’s House program accepts enrolments for children whom are ready to enjoy increased independence in a community of peers, under the loving guidance of our Montessori teachers.

Our Montessori Children’s House is a specialist children’s program, and is not a child care service or school. Families may find our Children’s House program with it’s specific focus on holistic development to be a more suitable alternative to their children attending long days at a school or child care centre. 

Our program aim is primarily to develop the peacefulness of each child. The program allows the children to become the peaceful (confident, calm, and in control) beings they wish to be; ready to face the challenges ahead of them in any later school environment and throughout life! This is achieved through the child’s engagement in carefully planned activities which develop their body, mind and soul (physical/motor, cognitive, and emotional) at their own pace. 

We live in such a busy world where children are pushed to begin formal learning so early, with a focus on academic and school-readiness skills, and long periods away from their home and family in child care centres and schools. We believe that it is more important for children to spend this special early phase of life, having a gentle introduction to education, through a program that focuses on the child’s well-being in a community environment. Our program may be a better alternative to school or child care for families who believe the same.

There are 3 core elements that create the right environment for peaceful development:

1 – Our teachers are skilled in the use of the Montessori approach and have genuine passion and curiosity about understanding the early years of life. Educators in child care centres or schools may not have the deep understandings of how to support learning and development that comes with specialist Montessori qualifications. 

2 – Children are given uninterrupted time to concentrate and complete tasks and encouragement to choose from the activities they have been shown how to do. We do not impose short timeframes on groups of children to complete tasks or lessons all at the same time, as in non-Montessori programs. 

3 – The space is prepared with Montessori materials and experiences that the children are shown how to use at the time that individual children are ready and interested, and may then make choices from. These materials are designed to support the development of specific skills/concepts, so that children effectively teach themselves to master the skills they need. We do not teach or plan for the whole group without consideration of individual readiness or interest, as is common in non-Montessori programs.

The curriculum (experiences and materials that the children use) are
planned sequentially to ensure that children are capable of gradual mastery. This is similar to a child attending swimming lessons who first learns to kick with a board, then learns to put their face in the water and blow bubbles, before adding strokes with their arms. In our program however instead of the child changing classes every time they master a set of skills, they remain in the familiar class but have expanded choices which match their new skills. In this way every child progresses at their own pace and can repeat anything they need to revisit at any time. They are also able to guide other children who join the program, reinforcing their own learning.

The curriculum is sequenced in the following way:

  • Children first entering the Children’s House develop practical life skills (care of self and others), sensorial (refining their senses), and grace and courtesy (getting along peacefully with others).
  • As children demonstrate they are developing these skills they may begin arts and science curriculum as they learn about the world around them.
  • Children will also enjoy a variety of mathematics and language experiences and materials when they are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I drop my child off? Can I stay with my child? We provide parents the option for children to be dropped off or parents may stay in our parent and infant room if they prefer. It is important that parents are not in the Children’s House room during the sessions as it makes it easier for all children to develop responsibility and friendships within a community of peers, and form stronger bonds with our teachers without parents in the same space. If your child needs your extra support to settle into the program, we are happy to work with you on doing this in a way that allows them (and other children) to find their independence within the children’s community, whilst having your assistance with personal care or emotional regulation if needed.

How long should my child be in the Children’s House program for, should I use it to get him/her ready for school? As above, we don’t believe that ‘school readiness’ is appropriate in early childhood so that is not the aim of our program. We believe schools should be prepared for children when the children are ready, not the other way around.

The Children’s House is much more than a school readiness program, and does not simply prepare children for school. The program is recommended for children to attend for 3 years, which gives the children the opportunity to get the most out of the sequential program, at their own pace. The Children’s House is developed to support holistic development and encourage a sense of community, which is strengthened when children attend regularly over a long period of time. The children will have opportunities to be supported by other older children, consolidate their skills, and go on to support others as they master their own skills.

Please note that pay as you go (fortnightly payment) enrolment cannot secure a place in future terms for your child. Please choose the term in advance enrolment to secure your child’s place.

So can my child attend when they are kindy / pre-primary / year 1 age? Yes absolutely! Children between the ages 2-6 years are welcome to attend our Children’s House program. Many families search for what we offer; a gentle transition into education which allows their child more time to be at home with their family, and focuses on holistic development. Many families will consider homeschooling to support this. Parents of children of compulsory school age (pre-primary and beyond) who are happy to take responsibility for their child’s education rather than enrolling their child in a school full-time, may be required to register to homeschool their child with the Department of Education. Registration details are not a requirement of enrolment in our programs. You may wish to view these resources: 

What is the class size? Our maximum class size at this time is 16 children with 2 staff. The children will be of mixed ages between 2-6 years. A small class size and familiar staff support strong relationships.

Does my child need to be toilet trained? Children attending do not need to be completely independent using a toilet, though it is a skill that most children enjoy gaining around the age of 3 years. We encourage all children attending our program to work towards this practical life skill in the ways they are ready for, and will work with each family to support this. Children will be shown how to clean up after any misses, and helped to do so if needed.

Can I claim government rebates? Government child care rebates do not apply to our Children’s House program. We are not a registered child care centre or school, even though our programs are taught by qualified educators and are based on the National Curriculum Framework. Our fees are on par with average costs to families (of rebate-eligible services) after rebates have been taken into account (see: https://www.careforkids.com.au/child-care-articles/article/77/how-much-does-child-care-cost)

Which days will my child attend? Enrolment in the Children’s House is for your chosen number of days Mon-Wed. Please ensure that your child is available to attend on any day Mon-Wed and indicate your preferred days at the time of enrolment. We will indicate on our website if there are days that are unavailable. Day/s offered (and requested changes to days offered) will be based on the dynamics of the group in discussion with our teachers and taking into account the day/s you prefer. You are welcome to contact us prior to enrolment to discuss this. Refund of fees cannot be made based on the child not being available or change in availability.

What should my child bring each day? Please help your child pack a bag with:

  • a lunch box (one snack & one lunch item is plenty)
  • a piece of fruit to share (placed in the fruit bowl on arrival)
  • a broad-brimmed hat (and be wearing sun cream)
  • a spare change of clothes (and be wearing clothes that can get messy)
  • 2 spare pull up nappies or waterproof underpants if needed
  • a wet bag (for soiled clothes)
  • a small blanket or comfort toy is welcome if needed

Children’s House Fees 2019 (click the fee amount to enrol)

PAYG Fortnightly Term in Advance 10% Discount (before term begins)

1 day 9-1pm



1 day 9-3pm



2 days 9-1pm



2 days 9-3pm



3 days 9-1pm



3 days 9-3pm



During the Holidays we also offer a variety of sessions to keep little ones busy, and we hold free Open Mornings throughout the term too.

We need you to know that:

* Location: Coming soon near to Byford / Oakford / Mundijong, Western Australia

* All payments made are non-refundable due to change of circumstances or change of mind, and reflect your chosen commitment to the program. Funds are allocated to programs at the time of your enrolment. If you are unsure about committing to the program, please visit one of our Open Mornings or choose a casual enrolment option.

* Sessions are not offered on public holidays.

* Each child will need to be enrolled separately.