Drop off & Play Programs

This collection of programs for 2-6 year olds allow children opportunities to play freely, messily, and noisily with friends! We will explore the natural world as we build resilience, creativity and cooperation together.

The fee for each session is $25 per child, and bookings may be made at any time throughout the term. Peaceful Rooms members may enrol in the full term for a special fee (please see below). Parents are welcome to remain with us at the Montessori Centre, or Peaceful Rooms members may leave their 3+ year old child in our care.

Dance Play (Mondays 3-5pm)

We'll play through semi-structured movement and sound-making to music and song. This is no 'sit down and take turns singing' kind of thing - we're going to be dancing and singing all around the space, and making up our own crazy moves! Parents choosing to stay with us need to get their silly dancing pants on too!

We hope to: gain awareness & control of movement & emotions, experience a sense of joy, gain confidence, and release endorphins.

Petit Artists (Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm)

Each week we'll try different drawing, sculpting, or painting media to express our ideas. These will be the kind of experiences that would be too messy to do in your living room! The focus is less about mastering technique, and more on coming up with ideas and trying them out together.

We hope to: explore and trial, value the 'process' rather than 'product', gain confidence as makers, collaborate, and enjoy getting messy.

Garden Grubs (Fridays 12:30-2:30pm)

We're going to use the garden and what we find in nature to create games and stories. Imagine creating garden mini worlds, forts and teepees, growing vegetables, and just running around the garden with friends shouting “Raaaaarrrr!".

We hope to: enjoy the rugged outdoors, create stories, cooperate, and empathise with nature.


  • First half an hour - From 3pm children arrive gradually and enjoy a fruit picnic in the garden / or from 12:30pm we listen to relaxation music and children's meditation stories,
  • Semi-structured play time following the children's ideas,
  • Last 20 minutes - Tidy ourselves up & enjoy a story under the fig tree or snuggled inside on cushions.

Children need to bring spare clothes (& a waterproof mess bag), drink bottle, piece of fruit, hat, be wearing sun cream, & wear shoes that can get dirty.

Term Dates:

  • Term 4, 2018: 15 October - 7 December 2018
  • Term 1, 2019 - dates coming soon!

Location: 201 Southwestern Highway, Armadale, Western Australia

* Sessions are not offered on public holidays. 

* Enrolment fees are not refunded due to change in circumstances or change of mind, and partial enrolments are not offered. Please join our next open day or request (via hello@peacefulrooms.com) to observe these programs if you are unsure if our Drop off & Play Programs are a good fit for your family, prior to enrolment.