Montessori Playgroup

Our Montessori Playgroup is available especially for our members. Please join Peaceful Rooms as a member or log in to enrol.

Montessori Playgroup is a program for parents and children aged 0-4 years (older children happily accepted on discussion) in which children choose materials and activities at their own pace within a specially prepared environment, supported by their parent and guided by a Montessori teacher or assistant as needed.

We do not structure the child's use of time, and structure the environment instead. On offer are a wide variety of Montessori appropriate toys and materials, practical life 'jobs', opportunities to engage in real work in the environment (food preparation and cleaning), outdoor physical play, and arts activities. Children are welcome to move freely throughout the environment making choices about what they would like to do, with whom, and for how long; with their parent and Montessori guide to support them to maintain peace and order in the environment for all to enjoy. At the end of each session we invite the children to tidy away and enjoy a short group time including songs, games or stories, before singing “goodbye” in our familiar way. Parents are encouraged to allow their child the space they need to feel independent in the environment, whilst maintaining supervision. Infants are of course very welcome members of our group and are well catered for in their early development with Montessori infant grasping materials, movement activities, and mobiles.

Attending Montessori Playgroup is a great way for parents to get to know other Montessori families in the area, learn more about the Montessori approach, and feel supported in their parenting from week to week. Families will be invited to join us in our private Facebook group, where we have developed a close-knit community. Most of our families attend two days per week, and come to know each other well.

Sessions run 9:30-11:30am for 8 weeks in each term and families may attend any time during the session (to accomodate naps if needed). Please bring along a piece of fruit to share and hat.

Term Dates:

  • Term 4, 2018: 15 October - 7 December 2018
  • Term 1, 2019 - dates coming soon!

Location: 201 Southwestern Highway, Armadale, Western Australia

* Sessions are not offered on public holidays.

* Each child will need to be enrolled separately. Infants under 6 months old attending the same program as a sibling will not be charged. Please contact Alana for the coupon code to receive this discount. 

* Enrolment fees are not refunded due to change in circumstances or change of mind, and partial term enrolments are not offered. Please join our next open day if you are unsure if Montessori Playgroup is a good fit for your family, prior to enrolment.