Special Programs

We’re excited to be offering these special seasonal programs at present. Enrol quickly before you miss out.

For term 4 we are so excited to partner with Henriette from Maniacs Learn Through Play for Friday FULL STEAM AHEAD workshops.

The workshops will run on Fridays during Term 4 from 9.30 am – 11.30 am for children ages 4-10 years.

EARLY Learning workshops: Full Steam ahead!

 The early years of children’s lives are incredibly important. From the time they are born, their brains are undergoing huge changes that allow them to develop and learn at a rapid pace. There is no better time to introduce children to the magical world of science, technology engineering arts and maths. Children learn best through play. Our workshops are FUN, Interactive and allow free play time to let children explore and discover. Children get to take their creations home.

Parents can take advantage of drop off & pick up for these sessions, however due to staffing, if their child/ren are not independently able to cut, glue, follow simple instructions; parents will need to remain on premises to support their child through the activities.

Enrolments have now closed for this program.

Workshop 1: Mixtures and reactions

This is a fun workshop that allows hands on interaction Children learn about physical and chemical reactions and the difference is explored by using our breaths to make carbonic acid, make artificial snow snowmen, play with super bubbles and a geyser Mentos explosion!

During the session children get to create and make their own bubble blowing creatures to take home.

Workshop 2: Ready steady GO GO GO!!!!

This is a workshop full of fun and movement Forces are discussed in the familiar context of land, air and sea vehicles. Students examine the effects of friction on the movement of toy vehicles, and consider factors that can be controlled in order to make the vehicle go faster or slower. Kids join in a fun demonstration of how fast-moving air creates a force and propels an object forward or upwards.

During the session Children will also design and build their own vehicle and aim to make it propel forward by using forces.

Workshop 3: Magnificent magnets

Experience the invisible power of magnets and explore magnetic energy.

Drive a racing car all around, pushing and pulling it with magnets, Watch the effects of a magnet on iron filings inside convenient plastic casing and apply the principle to every day object like an etch-a -sketch. Play with Magnetic slime and see how a maglev train works.

During the session Children also design and build their own junk bot/ magnetic wand with magnets and magnetic material

Workshop 4: Living and non- living

This workshop is ALIFE. Children learn the difference between living and non-living things. We use magnifying glasses and microscopes to look at living and non-living things, watch yeast blow up a balloon, investigate wiggly worms and stick insects, and make a mini worm farm to take a worm friend in home.

Workshop 5: Simple Machines

A fun workshop where the basic of the 6 simple machines are explained to kids through play. We explore the 6 basic simple machines (Incline Plane, Lever, Pulley, Wedge, Wheel and Axel) and use these machines to build a fun miniature model obstacle course or playground.

Workshop 6: Light and sound

We use prism to break light into its different spectrums and then explain how rainbows are formed. We look at reflection, absorption and transmitting of light and play with toys that use light.

We explore sound waves by making rice dance, we feel the vibrations and we make our own noise makers. A fun hands on workshop that is a BLAST.

Children design and build their own light catcher, periscope or instrument to take home.

Workshop 7: Rockets and Eruptions

Is there anything more fun than an explosive science experiment? With this collection of explosive, fizzy and sometimes messy science activities we indulge our urges to blow things up (safely, of course).

In this incursion, students are introduced to different ways of launching rockets (air-powered, water-powered, chemical reaction and physical power). It uses the theme of rocket science to introduce children to the basics of forces and the response of an object to external forces. The kids also get to design and build their own rocket and experiment how changes in design affect the flight path of their rockets.

Workshop 8: Electrical circuits Students will be introduced to the basic properties of electricity and electronics. They will learn the fundamentals behind circuitry and how circuits are used in all of the technological devices we use today, the types of circuits and compare the differing properties of series circuits and parallel circuits. Children design and build their own glow bug to take home.

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Location:, Corner of Clondyke Dr & Diamantina Blvd, BYFORD, Western Australia

* Enrolment fees are not refunded due to change in circumstances or change of mind.