Special Programs

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Henriette from Maniacs Learn Through Play in the near future. Maniacs STEAM workshops are aligned with the current Western Australia Early Years Learning and Development Framework and Western Australia curriculum and based on a developmental approach suited to young children.

Fridays 10-12pm for children ages 3-8 years.

Children learn best through play. Our workshops are FUN, Interactive and allow free play time to let children explore and discover. Join us in term 2 for our Flying Machines Series. Flight is a fun topic that features many interesting science principles and facts. Kids will enjoy the cool flying demonstrations and activities featured in this series. Learn about all the different ways we’ve made to soar across the sky, and build your own amazing flying machines.

Parents can take advantage of drop off & pick up for these sessions, however due to staffing, if their child/ren are not independently able to cut, glue, follow simple instructions; parents will need to remain on premises to support their child through the activities.

Workshop 1: Early flying machines Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Wright brothers and others Since the early days of flight, ideas for flying machines and their wing structures have been extensively tested. Throughout history, people have been fascinated by the prospect of flight. Leonardo Da Vinci drew diagrams and built models of the glider-like flying machine in the 16th century, and the Wright Brothers invented the first version of the aeroplane in 1903. We look at different designs, analyse “Design for a Flying Machine” and then create a Leonardo da flying inspired model using paper straws, construction paper, and tape.

Workshop 2: Hot air balloons In this workshop, we explore how hot air balloons work. And look at the “anatomy” of a hot air balloon. Students then use a template to create a hot air balloon that will rise into the air if the air inside is heated.

Workshop 3: Gliders This workshop allows pupils to explore forces and flight through a practical hands-on challenge where they investigate materials and then design, make and test their own gliders.

Workshop 4: Aeroplane Have you ever wondered how something as heavy as an aeroplane can fly? The secret is in the aeroplane’s engines and the special shape of its wings Build a Rubber Band Powered Plane and experiment with lift and flight.

Workshop 5: Helicopters Helicopters use their spinning blades to fly — they can take off and land in one spot, hover, and even fly backward! Learn about helicopters by making a flying helicopter paper toys!

Workshop 6: Kites Students learn how to use wind energy to combat gravity and create lift by creating their own kites capable of flying.

Workshop 7: Parachutes It’s not hard to realize the importance of a good skydiving parachute…/ Children learn n about the science of falling and how to slow falls as they design and create their own parachute that slowly and accurately descends to the ground.

Workshop 8: Building Challenge We test what we have learned about the principles of flight, lift, weight, thrust, and drag by (attempting) to build a flying machine out of craft items. We take our finished ‘machines’ outside and gave them a try! Will your machine be the furthest flying, the wackiest flying, the shortest flight or the most creative design?

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Location:, Corner of Clondyke Dr & Diamantina Blvd, BYFORD, Western Australia

* Enrolment fees are not refunded due to change in circumstances or change of mind.