Special Programs

The fun and friendship doesn’t end at Peaceful Rooms Montessori Centre with Children’s House and Montessori Playgroup. We’re excited to be offering special programs throughout the term.

For term 3 we are so excited to partner with Henriette from Maniacs Learn Through Play for Friday FrankenSTEAM workshops.

The workshops will run on Fridays during Term 3 from 9.30 am – 11.30 am for children ages 3-8 years.
Discover how the body works and link it to everyday science.

Parents can take advantage of drop off & pick up for these sessions, however due to staffing, if their child/ren are not independently able to cut, glue, follow simple instructions; parents will need to remain on premises to support their child through the activities.

Please click the link below to complete your enrolment in the program.

FrankenSTEAM workshop 1: Blood & Circulation Learns what blood is made off, what it does and how it flows through the body. We’ll learn about blood pressure and what it means. Then we’ll make a blood model to take home.

FrankenSTEAM workshop 2: My Beating Pump- Heart Children get the opportunity to investigate the anatomy of the heart, listen to their heart beats through a stethoscope, discover ways to slow the heart down and speed it up. We’ll also discover how the heart functions as a pump and then engineer and build a model pump to demonstrate how oxygenated blood flows from the lungs to the body system and deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

FrankenSTEAM workshop 3:  Take a Breath- Air Pressure, Volume & the Respiratory System. We explore the physics of air volume and pressure by playing with air powered rockets and balloons. We then apply the principles of air pressure and volume to our lungs and the respiratory system. After looking at an anatomy model of the lungs, we will build a working lung model that demonstrates how the contraction of diaphragm muscle increase volume and decrease pressure in chest cavity that results in air flowing into the lungs from high pressure (outside) to low pressure (inside the lungs) and inflates the lungs.

 FrankenSTEAM workshop 4: Hear, Hear Ear! Light & Eyes. This is a great 2 part workshop that links the physics of sound and sound waves with the anatomy and physiology of the ear. We will also learn how light is created. We’ll investigate sound and sound waves, how sound energy works and how sound waves are converted into physical movement in the ear. We look at hearing loss and how it “sounds” to lose your hearing. A sound level meter is used to measure different noise levels and compare the noise level dB(A) to jet engines and trains. We will also learn about the different properties of light by exploring how it behaves with objects in different ways: by reflecting, absorbing, or transmitting. We will learn about the anatomical structure of the human eye and how humans see light. Then use what we have learned to build a periscope or kaleidoscope

FrankenSTEAM workshop 5: Kidneys. Kidneys filter blood to get rid of harmful chemicals found in the body but leave the good fluids (e.g. red & white blood cells) in your body. We’ll examine an anatomy model of the kidneys and build our own filtration system to demonstrate how the kidneys work.

FrankenSTEAM workshop 6: Digestive System- Making Poo. Digestion is a messy process, and so is this workshop. We’ll use everyday items to demonstrate the digestive process from the mouth to the anus. I am pretty sure the kids won’t forget the steps of the digestive process after this!

FrankenSTEAM workshop 7:  Muscles & Joints. Children are shown how engineering closely relates to the field of biomechanics and how the muscular system produces human movement. We will look at different joints in the body and use the principals learned to construct an articulated hand.

FrankenSTEAM workshop 8:  Nervous System. In this workshop we will investigate the nervous system and how it relays information. We compare this to electrical circuits and use snap circuits to demonstrate how nerves work and the effect of nerve damage

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Location:, Corner of Clondyke Dr & Diamantina Blvd, BYFORD, Western Australia

* Enrolment fees are not refunded due to change in circumstances or change of mind.