Terms of Service


It should be expected that any of our items that are handmade or made from natural materials, are likely to have variations and minor imperfections, which will not effect the functionality or overall quality of the item. All purchases are final and we do not offer refunds due to change in circumstances or change of mind.

In compliance with Australian Consumer Law, Peaceful rooms will offer refunds, replacements or credit if an item is found faulty. We  may refuse if the Product is misused in any way that contributed to the problem.

To be eligible for refund, replacement or exchange, you must keep your proof of purchase – e.g. your receipt. You are responsible for returning the Product to Peaceful Rooms Montessori Centre.

Delivery will occur by collection or Australia Post. Risk of loss, damage or destruction to the products or any part thereof shall pass to you, when delivery is made.


We know life can be unpredictable but all fees are non-refundable due to change in circumstance or change of mind. Please consider your commitment carefully and familiarise yourself with our terms, prior to enrolment.

Should we be unable to provide any part of our service as agreed to, we will provide some form of redress as far as we are able to. Redress may be in the form of vouchers or providing another comparable service. We want you to be aware of this, as refusal to provide full or partial refunds may offend.

Please be aware that term in advance and PAYG enrolment options require an ongoing commitment to the full term (cannot be cancelled prior to the end of term). Should you wish to limit your commitment, please choose a casual enrolment, which will remain open as long as there are places available. Enrolment options will be crossed out when sessions are not available.

Supervision of Children’s Programs:

Although our staff are highly trained, experienced, and qualified to provide high quality education services; Peaceful Rooms is not an ‘approved education and care service’. We are a community centre offering a variety of programs for children, teachers, and parents. Therefore our services are not subject to the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2012.

As such a parent or guardian on the child’s enrolment form must supervise the enrolled child/ren during all children’s programs other than our specialist sessions which have a specific developmental focus (such Children’s House).

Supervision is only provided by Peaceful Rooms during these specific development sessions. Parents must be available by phone throughout the session in case of emergency.

All employees of Peaceful Rooms have a current Working With Children Check as required for child-related employment.

A current Working with Children’s Check is required for Montessori Professionals Membership. Please email a copy to hello@peacefulrooms.com to confirm membership. Membership will be cancelled if WWCC is not provided on request.

Attendance & Illness:

Sessions are not offered on public holidays. Please check dates for our programs on our website.

We ask parents and children not to attend:

  • in the early stages of illness as at this stage they can be infectious and shed the virus, bacteria or parasite through coughing, sneezing, contaminating surfaces and personal contact
  • until they are symptom free if they have a cold or flu
  • if they have had gastroenteritis until they are symptom free for at least 48 hours

(adapted from Government of WA Department of Health)

If your child is unwell please refer to these guidelines if necessary.

Peaceful Rooms does not require your child to be immunised to participate in our programs, however we do encourage immunisation to protect vulnerable members of the community. We understand this is a personal decision for each family.


Peaceful Rooms staff do collect media of children and adults participating in our programs from time to time, with the purpose of sharing the benefits of the Montessori approach and the value of our services. Media may include photographs, video, quotations, drawings or other artworks. These are always framed positively and with respect.

Media may feature on our website, emails, booklets, social media pages, posters or other communications. Children’s first initials only are used in social media. We are happy to collect only images without faces pictured on request.

To make specific requests about what media is collected and how it is used, please email us at hello@peacefulrooms.com.

* Please note Peaceful Rooms may need to update the Terms of Service periodically as we adapt and improve our services over time.